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  1. Rules are subject to change at any time. It is the responsibility of all the users participating in these events to know and understand the rules before signing up to compete. By sending your registration, you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to abide by the rules posted here. This includes joining a team and participating in an event.

  2. All MGL accounts, teams, roster spots are property of the Militia Gaming League. Any advertising of, or attempts to buy, sell, trade, or exchange any aforementioned item is strictly prohibited. This also includes offering to cancel/forfeit matches in exchange for any item or service. Violators will be removed from all MGL online properties and all related accounts terminated. Furthermore, MGL reserves the right to remove, forfiet or temporarily suspend any account or team, without notice, that violates our Terms of Service.

  3. Any Fees associated with participating or competing in MGL are NON-REFUNDABLE. This includes Registration Fees and Donations.

  4. Users are prohibited from sharing accounts. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: usernames, passwords, gamertags, PSN IDs, email accounts, etc. If another person accesses your account, you may be disqualified from the Tournament you are participating in as well as be removed from MGL. You are responsible for keeping your account secure. MGL is not responsible for any losses incurred as a result of your account being compromised.

  5. Teams are required to use preset Jersey/Courts for league games. Using jersey/courts that aren’t sanctioned by MGL will not count or will result in an immediate forfeit. Home Jerseys must be worn at home and Away Jerseys must be worn for Away games. The changing or modifying of preset Jersey/Home Courts are prohibited unless after approval for Jersey/Court change through our upgrade jersey/court form. Each GM is provided with their teams Logos to upload from MGL.

    Please note: Any uploads to a team uniform or court will become property of Militia Gaming League. Upgrade becomes the new preset for the team and will be passed on to the next GM in any case where current GM does not own the team anymore.

  6. All MGL Hidden Gems matchups are EAST SERVER based only. Any games ran on other servers are up to an agreement by both sides.

  7. Our goal here at MGL is to provide gamers with a place to find fair and competitive matches. In order to accomplish this goal, we will not tolerate players or teams that cause problems or attempt to undermine the positive atmosphere on MGL. This includes teams that cheat, dispute on purpose, or repeatedly abuse other players. The penalties for these offense are listed at the bottom of this page. As with all accusations, valid proof must be provided. Please see the proof section below.

  8. MGL prohibits users from creating or managing more than one team in a tournament from the same household as well as competing against each other. Multiple people from the same household may compete on MGL however, only one can be in a management position on a team. For example, only one person can be a GM or Captain on a team. All other players from the same household cannot be anything higher than member on the team in the Tournament. If a player is banned, no other player within the same household is permitted to participate on MGL until the ban is expired for the banned player.

  9. Abuse of our volunteer Staff will not be tolerated in any form. This includes written messages or verbal comments inside and outside of match lobbies. The penalties for these offenses are listed at the bottom of this page.

  10. Players can change their player profile while the league is in progress by paying a Profile Change Fee. The images/information submitted must be appropriate and cannot violate our Rules. Attempting to bypass the automatic censor by misspelling, inserting spaces or symbols, transposing letters, using look-alike symbols, or any other method is not allowed. Teams that attempt to bypass the censor will be subject to penalties.

  11. Prize money will be split by MGL to players/GMs. Players will be paid based on number of games played. If GM has hired staff to work with them, they will be responible for the pay given to the staff.

  12. As to ensure fair competition, MGL reserves the right to amend all match-related rules listed herein on a case by case basis. Teams who manipulate these rules maliciously and/or at the expense of other members will be penalized for Unsportsmanlike Conduct.

  13. If you believe a member is evading a ban please file a ticket under the category Report: Evading Ban. No match should be disputed if you believe the opposing team is evading a ban. Finish the match, report the correct match scores then file a ticket under the above category and include your Match information.

  14. Once a team is disbanded all matches on that team become final, and all disputed and schedule matches are subject to being forfeited.

  15. If a situation emerges where a Team Owner or Captain no longer wants to Own their team. A Transfer of Ownership fee can be paid to allow a new owner to take ownership of the team. The new owner will take full control of the team as a GM and abide by all GM rules and regulations.

  16. ALL GMS/PLAYERS that are participating in Hidden Gems Draft League are required to download discord and create a username. Please visit to download Discord.


Looking for team-mates, free voice chat for your team or just want a place to chill out with MGL Staff and Users? Check out the Militia Gaming League Discord Server!

League Structure

  1. MGL Hidden Gems Draft League consist of 20 owned teams. Teams are managed by qualified GMs that have applied and passed our GM screening process.

  2. There will be 20 Hidden Gem Draft League teams across both consoles. This breaks down to 10 PS4 Teams and 10 Xbox Teams. Teams may be Moved to another console temporarily to fill positions if one console is overloaded with players. Follow @MGLHiddenGems for updates.

  3. Player registrations will be kept within bounds in a way to make certain that every player that has registered has a minimum 40% chance to be drafted by a team. The chances can be greater, but it will not fall below a 40% chance.

  4. A draft lottery will take place before the draft to randomly choose the draft order of each team. Previous champions will automatically be last in draft order for the current season.

  5. To be draft eligible, Players must take part and complete 5 combine games, Players are allowed to put teams together themselves or they can join a GM put together team, if they notice GMs are running combine games. 3 Players cannot play on the same combine team more than 2 times. Box scores from the winning combine team are to be sent to GMs to post in our screenshot discord channel. GMs are required to put together a minimum of 7 teams and post those box scores for stat tracking.

  6. The MGL Hidden Gems Draft will consist of an 8 round Snake style draft where each team will draft 8 players to their roster.

  7. Each team will draft 8 players. Undrafted players will have the chance then to be selected by GMs in order to be placed on a roster and fill the last 2 remaining spots to fill a teams 10-player roster.

  8. Undrafted players who have not made a roster will become Free Agents (FA) and will be able to compete in a Free Agent tournament for entry in our mid-season tournament. Winners of the mid-season tournament are granted 3rd seed in the League playoffs. Free Agents are eligible to win this tournament and secure that seed. Free Agents also have the chance to be picked up during the season by a team in need.

  9. Bench Players are guaranteed at least 3 starts each in the regular season. These players must also have made themselves available for a reasonable number of game times.

  10. There will be open trade windows that players can be traded to other teams during the season.

  11. Each player that has been drafted will be eligible for Draft Day trades. Trades can only be approved through GMs request and cannot be forced by players. During the midseason trade window, a player can only be eligible if they have played in or have been available to play at least 60% of their teams games. Being problematic to a team or refusing to play in order to get traded will only get the player dropped, marked ineligible for the season, and potentially face up to a lifetime ban from MGL Hidden Gems.

  12. Trades will voted on by a private committee. It will need a majority vote in order to veto a trade. If the trade is not vetoed by the committee then it is passed and the trade may go through.

  13. Every team is allowed to retain 1 player, the previous seasons champion is allowed to retain 2 players. GMs are required to inform the league officials on which players they choose to retain. Once the retain is accepted by the player, they will officially be retained. Players are still required to pay the Player Registration Fee for every season they are retained.

  14. Retaining 1 player will forfeit a teams 1st round draft pick. Retaining 2 players will forfeit a teams 1st and 2nd round draft picks.

Match Rules

  1. All matches must be played in their entirety with preset Hidden Gems team names and logos.

  2. Ranked games will not count towards your in-season record. League games are to only be played in private matchmaking.

  3. If a player disconnects from either team before the first minute, the match will be restarted.

  4. Point spreads will be enforced for lagouts to winning teams that quit 30 seconds after one of their players lagged out unless within the first minute where it will just result in a restart. Anything after 30 seconds (after a lagout), the match must continue.

  5. Any glitches or abuse to these rules will not be tolerated. We expect highly competitive players to be fair and not exploit glitches or rules.

  6. All games must be streamed on the Twitch account(s) submitted during registration. All games must be archived in case admins have to review video.

  7. MGL reserves the right to stream the finals of any tournament/playoffs. Players will be forfeit if competing against MGL for a Finals Stream.

  8. Teams must have a representative in our captain chat.

  9. Violations to these rules can result in a forfeit or your removal from the league WITHOUT REFUND.

Hidden Gems General Manager Requirements

  1. Potential General Managers must fill out a General Manager Application and read email on how to interview with MGL Hidden Gems staff. Applicant will undergo a General Manager screening to decide whether the applicant is eligible to become a General Manager in MGL Hidden Gems Draft League.

  2. General Managers and Potential General Managers are all required to download discord and create a username.

  3. The General Manager is responsible for all team operations and players for owned MGL Hidden Gems franchise

  4. A GM is allowed to be a Player/GM. A GM is also allowed to have an AGM be a Player/AGM in place of their Player/GM position. GM and AGM are not allowed to both be players on 1 team. GMs will lose their 1st, 2nd or 3rd round pick in the draft depending on who the Player/(AGM/GM) is. MGL reserves the right to be the deciding factor on which round pick is lost under these circumstances.

  5. The General Manager is allowed to add supporting staff if necessary. Supporting staff includes, but not limited to: Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Scouts, Content Creators, etc. This is all up to the GM’s discretion. GM’s Role my be handed to a staff member as seen fit. The GM is allowed to fill all roles themselves, but a high level of activity is required to remain in the league.

  6. The General Manager will be provided with a twitter account. This will be the franchise twitter account The GM is required to be interactive on twitter. MGL staff are not required to take part or handle the active GM’s owned team twitter.

  7. The GM is required to host open gyms leading up to the combine dates. The minimum time allowed is 2 days and 6 hours per week during open gym time. The more time spent with players allow GMs/scouts to find the best talent available. Be open to trying players. You’ll only cheat yourself by not being able to see other players in the pool. Neglecting to try certain/other players can and will result in the removal of you from your position as GM WITHOUT A REFUND.

  8. It is the GMs responsibility to cover scouting at his/her open gyms. GM can do this on their own or put scouts in place to do so. Scouting should be taken seriously this is your chance to see players before the combine.

  9. A GM will draft a team based off the scouting they’ve done. Some things to take into consideration is skill, archetype, personality and schedule.

  10. GMs are required to be present for all regular season and playoff games. If GM cannot make the game, another Team staff member, or captain may be present. The GM is responsible for his players and time management. If dealing with an insubordinate player, GM must handle situation appropiately with the league and other players in mind.

  11. GM will assign a Team Captain. the Team Captain must be a starter and will have to create the team’s court and keep the court for the duration of the season. A Player/GM cannot assign themselves as the Team Captain.

  12. It is a GMs responsibility to make sure the correct preset jerseys and home court are being used. Any forfeits because of this will be a GM Neglect forfeit.

  13. A GM is allowed to drop players for inactivity and pick up free agents. Problematic players may also be dropped. Dropping a player should be in all fairness, and receipts are to be kept in case problems arise. A dropped player is not allowed to be picked up by another team.

  14. FA Short Term Contracts: Undrafted players who met the 3 game played minimum during the combine window are eligible to be picked up as a Free Agent. These free agents may be picked up when a GM drops a player, but also can be signed to a Short Term Contract. If a team does not have a full 5 at the start of a game, they may jump into the pool and pick up a free agent for that game (No stats will be recorded for the FA). If a FA is used 3 times or more by a team, the GM will be required to drop the inactive player and add the FA to the roster. This is to allow FA’s a chance to be used during the season and a chance to be picked up.

  15. Roster Add/Drops must be approved by the commissioner. Short Term Contracts may be used without waiting for commissioner approval.

  16. GMs will have the opportunity to trade players during the regular season. Trades will be subject to a private committee vote to be approved. Only Eligible players can be traded. players refusing to play in order to get traded are ineligible and must be reported to MGL Hidden Gems staff.

  17. A player may request a trade to the GM. The GM is required to actively find that player a trade as long as that player is trade eligible. That player must still be treated fairly and continue to be played until a trade is found and approved. You are not allowed to hold players hostage.

  18. GMs are required to remain professional and respectful toward the players, MGL staff and other GMs. Overwhelming evidence showing GMs unprofessional and disrespectful will result in removal from league.

  19. GMs are required to confirm a valid lineup and tweet out the valid lineup atleast 30 minutes before game time each game. A valid lineup will include making sure player name changes are submitted before confirming and other things of this nature.

  20. At the end of the season, The GM is allowed to offer to retain 1 key player on their team going into next season. The Champions and runner ups are allowed to offer to retain 2 key players.

  21. Teams that retain 1 player will lose their first round pick in the next draft. Teams that retain 2 will lose picks 1 and 2 in the next draft.

  22. During the offseason, trades of retained players are allowed. A GM may trade a retained player for another retained player.

  23. GMs will be awarded a portion pf the prize fund for winning the championship

Hidden Gems Player Requirements

  1. Potential Hidden Gem draftees must fill out a Player Application. A $20 Application fee will be due at time of registration. Applications are subject to league approval. Players with bad history can be denied and refunded.

  2. Players must download Discord and create a username.

  3. Players must play with registered PSN or GT and Position/Archetype. To make changes, to these, players must update their profile. A fee will apply.

  4. Being drafted is NOT GUARANTEED. We will cap registrations so players have a 40%+ odd of being drafted.

  5. Players that go undrafted: Going undrafted does not mean you can not participate this season. Undrafted Players still have a chance to play:

    • Player can be picked up as a bench player on a team that needs to complete their roster. Player must meet minimum combine games requirement
    • Players are eligible to be picked up as a free agent at any time during the season as long as they meet minimum combine games requirement
    • Player can be picked up on a short term contract.
    • Undrafted Players will be randomly added into teams and compete in a Free Agent Tournament for a spot in the mid-season tournament. Teams that participate in the mid-season tournament have a chance of winning and becoming 3rd seed in the playoffs.
  6. FA Short Term Contracts: Undrafted players who met the minimum games played during the combine window are eligible to be picked up as a Free Agent. These free agents may be picked up when a GM drops a player, but also can be signed to a Short Term Contract. If a team does not have a full 5 at the start of a game, they may jump into the pool and pick up a free agent for that game (No stats will be recorded for the FA). If a FA is used 3 times or more by a team, the GM will be required to drop the inactive player and add the FA to the roster. This is to allow FA’s a chance to be used during the season and a chance to be picked up.

  7. Play open gyms to raise your chances of being noticed by GMs/Scouts. These are not mandatory, but can help you when draft time comes along.

  8. Be active during open gyms and potential interviews. Not responding to interviews with the intent to only play for a specific team will mark you ineligible for draft with no refund.

  9. All open gyms and combine games must be streamed by someone in play. The streams are to also be posted on twitter tagging @MGLHiddenGems.

  10. Open gyms aren’t exclusive for GM’s to run, Players can also host open gyms with other prospects. Players don’t necessarily need GMs for this.

  11. Combine: Combine can work two ways. Players can choose to create their own combine teams of prospects and compete vs other combine ready teams, or get picked up by a ready GM putting a team together to run combine vs other combine ready teams. GMs are required to put together at least 7 combine teams each. 3 Players are not allowed to play on the same combine team more than 2 times. Each Player must play a minimum of 5 combine games vs other combine ready teams to be draft eligible. Box scores from the winning team can only be submitted in our discord channel for combine screenshots.

  12. Combine box scores must be submitted in our discord channel for combine screenshots.

  13. Draft day will consist of a snake draft. If you are drafted by a GM, you will be contacted and GM will let you know where team operations will take place. Please report to GM in a timely manner.

  14. Undrafted Players can be selected as a bench player for a team after the draft. Player must report to the GM that picks them up as a bench player in a timely manner. Playing time is limited for a bench player.

  15. The team that drafts you is the team you play for, unless a trade happens. Refusal to play will only lead to your removal from the league. If you’d like to be traded, continue to play and ask for a trade when the trade window is open.

  16. Inactive Players will be subject to being dropped by the GM. If dropped for inactivity, that player will no longer be allowed to compete during that season.

  17. Players will be eligible to be traded from each team. In order to be traded, player must not have caused problems (refusal to play, inactivity) and also must be an active player on his/her team. Any refusal to play will only lead to your removal from the league.

  18. Player is responsible for requesting his/her own trades. After requesting a trade, player must continue to play until the trade happens. Any refusal to play will only lead to your removal from the league.

  19. If a trade is approved, player will be contacted and GM will let you know where team operations will take place.

  20. Players are required to remain professional and respectful toward the players, MGL staff and other GMs. Overwhelming evidence showing GMs unprofessional and disrespectful will result in removal from league.

  21. GM will assign a Team Captain. the Team Captain must be a starter and will have to create the team’s court and keep the court for the duration of the season. A Player/GM cannot assign themselves as the Team Captain.

  22. At the end of the season, The GM is allowed to offer to retain 1 key player on their team going into next season. The Champions and runner ups are allowed to offer to retain 2 key players. If you are a player that is selected and you accept, You will be locked to that team for the next season unless the GM decides to trade their retained player for another retained player.

  23. Once you agree to be retained and are traded the team you are traded to will be the team you are locked into starting for the next season

  24. As a player, you may decline being retained and become draft eligible for next season.

  25. Inactivity may result in a lifetime ban if it happens too often.

Disconnection Rules

  1. If the season has a specific rule for disconnection issues, that rule would override the rules below.

  2. If a player/host disconnects during the initial launch of a game, the game will be restarted. The initial launch is defined as within the first minute and before the first point.

  3. A team can play a game shorthanded after a disconnect that has passed the initial launch period.

  4. Players may not leave the game intentionally to cause a disruption in games of the tournaments. Players caught doing this are subject to penalties.

Disconnection Scenarios

  • If a team disconnects during a game, that team would forfeit the game unless they are winning. If another game follows for the forfeited team, 15 minutes will be given for the team to get back and play the next match. If the team does not rejoin within 15 minutes, another player can take lead and invite a replacement to play. Failure to start within 15 minutes will result in a forfeit. Please keep note of the round count and play the remaining games to determine a winner.
  • If a player disconnects mid game in a tournament, the current round will continue. Before the next game, (if any) the team will confirm with the next team and MGL staff that they are ready to start the next game. 15 minutes will be given to allow the player to reconnect. If the player does not reconnect the team may not play shorthanded. Failure to be ready within 15 minutes is a forfeit of the game. Please keep note of the round count and play the remaining games to determine a winner


  1. Teams are allowed to add up to 10 players on their roster.

  2. All gamertags/PSN IDs on a team’s roster must be valid and provide a Primary Position although any myplayer that is put on the roster can be used.

  3. If a team uses an ineligible player in a match they will forfeit the game the ineligible player participated in. Proof must be shown to support any claims of an ineligible player playing in a match.

  4. Players are allowed to play on ONE team at a time. Teams will forfeit the game and can be removed from the league with no refund for violating this rule.

  5. Profile Changes are allowed with a Profile Change Fee.

Schedule and Activity

  1. Regular season schedule will be a 2-Week Long Open Schedule (weeks being from Monday – Sunday) with teams playing on a set schedule. Gms receive schedules and pass down to their players.

  2. Playoff Seeding will rely on the Team Record. Where #1 seed will be the best record in the conference, #2 seed will go to the next best record and so on.

  3. Playoffs will run with a format of best of 3 first round, best of 3 Quarter Finals and Semi Finals, and ending with a best of 3 Finals.

  4. Each round in the playoffs will run at a 24 hour per round pace. Games not finished in 24 Hours will be simulated or awarded to the more active team at the commissioners discretion.

  5. Keeping active is important, GMs that are not playing or not on pace to completing their minimum games will be removed from the league and refunds will not be given.

  6. MGL reserves the right to lower the amount of minimum games needed for playoffs. MGL also reserves the right to extend any time constraints.

No Shows

  1. The Captain or team representative should have the team load up 15 minutes before game time to avoid any late situations. Games are expected to be played on time unless prior authorization from league authority. A late occurs when 15 minutes has has passed scheduled time. If a free agent is needed to fill in for the current game, representative must request a Free Agent fill in. An extra 15 minutes after late time will be given to pick up a Free agent and be on court ready to play. A free agent MUST be picked up if late time has been passed. No more time will be given after this.

    Example with a 7:00pm game time
    6:45 – 7:00pm = EARLY load up to possibly avoid issues
    7:00pm = Game time
    7:00pm – 7:15pm = Grace period
    7:16pm = Late/Forfeit
    7:16 – 7:30 = Free agent fill in time
    7:31 = Forfeit

    Streams are your proof. Start streams as close to check in time as possible. If stream isn’t up with 5 in court, we will assume you do not have 5 ready to play.

  2. If you have a No Show issue, navigate to the discord and update the commissioner or person in-place that: “my opponent did not show up”. As the match was not played, do not report any scores.

  3. To receive a no show win, you must submit the information within 45 minutes of the forfeit time. If you have any proof, be sure to submit it with your information.

Reporting Scores

  1. Both teams are responsible for reporting the match within 30 minutes of its completion. If teams do not report matching results, the match will result in a dispute. Both teams are then required to submit a ticket regarding the dispute and include any valid proof they have. If you had a problem with the match, please specify the problem and include it along with the outcome of your match.

  2. Falsifying match scores may result in a penalty. Do not dispute a match you lost legitimately. Disputing on purpose is defined as knowingly reporting that you won a match despite the outcome of the match resulting in a loss for your team.

  3. Matches that go unreported by one team will be reported automatically for the team that did report. Matches that go unreported by both teams will be deleted automatically.

  4. Screenshots are expected to be in High Quality from the screenshot feature on the xbox/ps4. This means no cell phone or camera pictures.

  5. Game Results must be submitted correctly with a “Team A over Team B” (Team A being the winning team and Team B being the losing team) in the correct screenshot channel in the discord. Make sure to label correctly so there are no errors in stat input.

  6. Game Results window for posting screenshots will end at 3am in the morning on the day following the night the game was played. Any later, game will have to be replayed. Please submit game scores immediately after a game is played.


  1. Teams caught cheating, glitching, or abusing in-game mechanics in any way, may forfeit the game, tournament or be banned at a staff members discretion.


  1. Submission Guidelines:

    • All proof submitted must be from the game in question. If you submit proof from the wrong game or links to inappropriate material, you risk being penalized.
    • Direct URLs to proof must be submitted.
  2. Proof Guidelines:

    • Must show proof from each game won.
    • Must be clearly visible, showing all gamertags/PSN IDs present in the match.
    • Must show full in-game scoreboard (if applicable).
    • Restricted Item proof must show the scoreboard and be in video format.
  3. Suggested Upload Locations:

    • YouTube
    • Twitter
    • Third Party DVR Hosts (Xbox Clips, Xbox DVR etc)
  4. Other Guidelines:

    • All proof should remain available at the provided link for 7 days from the match time. Removing proof may result in the result being overturned.
    • For all glitching and cheating claims, the burden of proof is on the accuser. You must submit a ticket and include the URL link containing valid proof.


Militia Gaming League takes cheating very seriously. Included below is a list of our penalties. All MGL users are subject to these penalties.

As a reminder, Team Captains are ultimately responsible for the actions of their team’s members. Should a member submit inappropriate content or a Captain dispute a match, the Registered Team Captain will be held accountable for that action as well. If you are not comfortable with this responsibility, we suggest you transfer leadership to someone who is.

Offense Description Duration
Ticket Spam/Abuse Spamming or Abusing the Ticket System 2 Games
Managing Multiple Accounts Managing Mult. Accounts or Double Rostering 3 Games
Repeated Evading Territory Restriction Repeated Evading of Tournament Territory Restrictions 3 Games
Regional Rule Violation Violating Regional Rule 4 Games
Attempting Free Wins Attempting Free Wins 6 Games
Selling MGL Property Selling Militia Gaming League Property 7 Games
Staff Abuse Abuse of Support Member 2 Tournaments
Disputing on Purpose Disputing a Match Without Valid Proof 2 Tournaments
Cheating or Glitching Cheating or Glitching in a Match 3 Tournaments
Free Wins Giving or Receiving Free Wins 3 Tournaments
Disputing on Purpose (2+) Disputing a Match – Multiple Offenses 4 Tournaments
Evading – Minor Evading an Active Ban 2 Tournaments
Impersonating Staff Impersonating an MLG Staff Member 5 Tournamets
Fake Proof Submitting Fake Proof for a Match 1 Tournament
Evading – Severe Evading an Active Ban 4 Tournaments
Playing with a Hacker/IP Flooder Playing in a match with a teammate using Infections/Modified Console/IP Flooding 2 Tournaments
Bypassing Age Restrictions Becoming a captain without permission while under the required age 180 Days
Chargeback Disputing an MGL Store Purchase 1 Year
Hijacking/Phishing Accounts Hijacking/Phishing Accounts 2 Years
IP Flooding IP Flooding in a Match 2 Years
Modified Console Using a Modified Console to Cheat in a Match 2 Years
Proxy IP Proxies Are Not Allowed on MLG 10 Years